Street Fighter meets Spy x Family: Wit Studio animates Chun Li vs Yor

Capcom is no stranger when it comes to crossovers with other video game developers but they surprised everyone with a collaboration with Wit Studio (Attack on Titan) in an animated short featuring Chun Li from Street Fighter 6 and Yor from Spy x Family!

The animation short in question circulated on social media platforms with PlayStation’s official YouTube channel sharing the video on their platform. By the time of writing this article, the video managed to garner more than 300k views in 7 hours.

Street Fighter meets Spy x Family: Wit Studio animates Chun Li vs Yor

Epic 'Street Fighter 6' And 'Spy x Family' Crossover Short Primes Yor & Chun-Li For Ultimate Girlboss Clash

The animation is about a minute long and features Chun Li and Yor Forger as they exchange blows with each other in their fighting styles. The short came to exist because of the Spy x Family vs. Street Fighter 6 ahead of a collaboration event coming to the fighting game.

Capcom has yet to confirm the items of the upcoming crossover event but we reckon, it could be avatar items, stickers, and outfits and will probably be incorporated into a battle pass (Battle Hub).

According to Event Hubs, this isn’t the first anime crossover as Baki the Grappler was featured on Street Fighter 6 before Yor’s Spy x Family.

Spy x Family vs. Street Fighter 6 animation 3 out of 3 image gallery

Street Fighter is a game franchise that inspired six games, animated/ live-action series, and movie collaborations like the one in this article and characters like Ryu appearing in Nintendo’s recent Super Smash Brothers Ultimate alongside Ken.

The event is confirmed for next year and will be released on Jan. 9, 2024, watch the trailer below:

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