Ahmed Fahmy is a serial killer named ‘Gaddafi’ in Saffah Al Giza

 Last Friday, Shahid streaming platform has aired the first and second episodes of the Egyptian miniseries Saffah Al Giza (translated to: The Butcher of Giza), starring Egyptian artist Ahmed Fahmy.

Ahmed Fahmy surprises the audience in Saffah Al Giza

The leading actor of the show Ahmed Fahmy has managed to impress the audience with his performance, and proved that he is capable of presenting different genres of acting.

Fahmy is known for his great talent when acting in comedy projects. However, this time with Saffah al-Giza he plays the role of a criminal psychopath, which requires a different set of kills, and according to viewers, Ahmed definitely has them.

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Ahmed Fahmy role in Saffah Al Giza

The Egyptian artist plays the character of Jaber, who is a simple person and appears to be a calm and stable person, until he is in fact a serial killer, whose psycho and criminal personality was formed because of his mother, who becomes one of his victims throughout the show.

Saffah Al Giza reviews

The show is being widely welcomed by viewers, who praise its plot, technique of filming, and the overall performance of its stars. The show is a miniseries of 8 episodes.

Saffah Al Giza plot

The show is actually based on a true story that took place 8 years ago, with a few edits made by the producers to suit the dramatic context.

The Giza Butcher, or “Saffah Al Giza”, is an Egyptian young man named ‘Gaddafi Faraj’. He used to work as a shopkeeper. He committed 4 crimes between 2015-2017, and he was not arrested until 5 years after his crimes.

Gaddafi killed 4 people, and his crimes began with killing his old friend, He lured and served him a poisoned meal and then beat him to death.

The second victim of the Giza butcher was the university student, Nadine. He promised to marry her, but he killed her after she asked him to fulfill his promise, then he deceived her family by telling them that she had traveled to work abroad.

Gaddafi then married Nadine’s sister, Fatima, and killed her after an argument over expenses, and put her in a deep freezer. He then moved to Alexandria and impersonated his friend Reda, and killed him and married a pharmacist named Noha.

Noha was the fourth victim who Gaddafi killed after she discovered his crimes. He buried her in a room inside the store. In March 2021, Gaddafi was sentenced to death, and some sources indicated that there is a fifth victim of the perpetrator named Yasmine.

Cast of Saffah Al Giza

Ahmed Fahmy
Rakeen Saad
Bassem Samra
Salah Abdullah
Heidi Khaled
Hanan Youssef
Dalia Shawky
Jihan Al-Shamasherji
Engy Abu Al-Saud
Reem Hijab
Mimi Jamal
Nice breeze
Sarah Khalil

When and where to watch Saffah Al Giza?

Every week, Shahid streaming platform releases 2 episodes of Saffah Al Giza every Friday night at 12:00 am

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