Home Alone: The sinister truth about Kevin’s uncle Frank

Home Alone is a classic Christmas movie that has entertained generations of viewers with its hilarious and heartwarming story of a young boy who defends his house from two bumbling burglars. But behind the festive fun, some fans have uncovered a chilling theory about one of the characters: Uncle Frank.

Uncle Frank is the brother of Kevin’s father, Peter, and he joins the McCallister family on their trip to Paris. However, he is not a very pleasant person. He is rude, stingy, and mean to Kevin, whom he calls a “little jerk”. He also refuses to pay for anything, even the pizza that he and his kids eat.

But what if Uncle Frank had a more sinister motive for his behavior? What if he was actually behind the whole plot to rob the McCallister house and even wanted to kill Kevin?

This is the theory that some fans have proposed online, based on some clues and hints in the movie. For example, one fan pointed out that Uncle Frank was the one who suggested to leave the garage door open, which could have been a signal to the robbers. Another fan noted that Uncle Frank was the only one who did not seem surprised or worried when they realized that Kevin was left behind. He also did not try to contact him or help him in any way.

Some fans have even gone further and suggested that Uncle Frank hired the Wet Bandits, Harry and Marv, to rob the house and kill Kevin. They argued that Uncle Frank hated his brother and his nephew, and wanted to get revenge on them. They also speculated that Uncle Frank had a connection to the mob, and that he used his influence to make sure that the phone lines were down and that the police did not respond to Kevin’s calls.

Of course, these theories are not confirmed by the movie or its makers, and they could be just the result of overanalyzing a simple comedy. But they do add a dark twist to a beloved holiday film, and make us wonder what else we might have missed.

What are your Home Alone theories?

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