Aldatmak season 2 updates

 Aldatmak’s second season will start filming today.

The second season of the famous Turkish series Aldatmak started filming today and new characters are set to join the cast.

“Aldatmak” is produced by Timur Savacı and Burak Sağyaşar, the first season aired on ATV in 2022. The series stars Vahide Perçin, Ercan Kesal, and Mustafa Uğurlu and was directed by  Murat Saraçoğlu and written by Yıldız Tunç.

And for season two, Alize Gördüm, the daughter of Vahide Perçin is set to join the cast of Aldatmak, Gördüm will play the role of Azraa, Tarik’s niece.

It has been confirmed that Caner Şahin will also appear in the second season of the show amid rumors claiming that he exited the cast due to problems and fights on set.

Source: Twitter

Plot of Aldatmak

A successful judge named Guzide has been married to lawyer Tarik for 30 years, the pair share two children, Ozan and Oylum. Guzide’s happy marriage turns upside down after she discovers her husband is having an affair, the judge finds out that her husband has been living with another woman for the past 5 years, and that he fathered a daughter from his mistress.

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