All details about Al Gharib series

Syrian famous actor Bassam Kousa returns to the art scene after disappearing for a long time in a new project for called Al Gharib series.

Many artists are also performing in the new upcoming series which is set to be released soon through the streaming platform including Palestinian actress Farah Bsaiso. announced that the Al Gharib series release date is set for September 7 after sharing the promo video which gained positive reactions with some saying they can’t wait to watch the series.

The story of Al Gharib series

The series tells the story of Amer, who escapes from prison in order to regain his life and take revenge on his enemies, only to discover that in order for this revenge to succeed, he needs to form partnerships with his enemies which eventually leads to putting his life in danger.

Surprises of Al Gharib series

This work carries many surprises, most notably the duo of Bassam Kousa and Farah Bsaiso after many years, as they had participated together in the series Al-Zeer Salem, which was shown nearly 23 years ago.

The project also shows the return of Palestinian artist, Farah Bseiso, to Syrian works after years of being absent.

Furthermore, among the surprises in the series is Sophie Boutros, who is the sister of the singer Julia Boutros, and is joining the experience of directing a series for the first time in her life.

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