Sulafa Mimar shakes floor with her dance in Walad Badia

Ramadan 2024 has been full of controversial scenes from different series, with the latest to make a hit online is a clip from the Walad Badia series which is taking the audience’s senses.

Syrian artist Sulafa Mimar, who plays the “Sukkar” role, has created a storm after her last dancing clip in Walad Badia, the Ramadan 2024 series.

Many took to social media to say that Sulafa Mimar’s dance in Walad Badia looks very similar to her belly dance in the “Qalam Humra” series which was aired in 2014.

In “Qalam Humra,” Sulafa Mimar played the role of “Ward,” during the series, the Syrian star also performed a dance that was similar to her Ramadan 2024 series.

Sulafa Mimar takes lights in Walad Badia

After finishing the Al Kaen series, which is the Arabic version of a Turkish series with the same name, Sulafa Mimar has stolen the attention with her newest character named Sukkar (Sugar) in Walad Badia.

Sulafa Mimar plays the role of a woman who is married and owns a nightclub. Her unique personality has gained wide positive reactions from fans who said she rocks in each role she takes.

About Ramadan 2024 Walad Badia Series

Walad Badia is a unique story that talks about the three children of a woman named Badia, played by Emarat Rizeq, and their fight for power and money in the face of their half-brother called Mukhtar, played by Mahmoud Nsr.

Walad Badia (Children of Badia) is a new Syrian series that began broadcasting in Ramadan 2024 and is directed by the greatest Syrian director Rasha Sharbatgy.

Walad Badia

Sulafa Mimar. (Instagram)

Stars of Walad Badia

1. Mahmoud Nsr
– Mukhtar

2. Sulafa Mimar
– Sukar

3. Samer Ismail
– Shahin

4. Yamen Al Hajali
– Yaseen

5. Emarat Rizeq

6. Fadi Sabih
– Arif Al Dabbagh

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