2023 Ramadan series to watch

Ramadan is a time for family gatherings that include prayers and a sundown meal breaking a day-long fast, coupled with continuous TV soap and funny shows that target an audience craving entertainment to get through the day during the holy month. 

Albawaba picked a few series that are a must to watch during Ramadan.

1. Bab Al Hara 

It is probably a fan favorite, since its first series aired in 2006 and continued each year since. It is the most-watched Ramadan show.

This Ramadan, Bab Al Hara season 13 is airing.

It is available to watch on Starzplay.

2Jaafar Al Omda

Egyptian artist Mohammad Ramadan stars in the series, Jaafar Al Omda, which begins Thursday.

It tells the story of wealthy businessman Jaafar, who is married to three women.

It can be watched on MBC 1 and the streaming platform Shahid.

3Wa Akheran​

Nadine Nassib Njeim and Kosai Khouli will once again return on screen together in the new Ramadan series Wa Akheran.

“Wa Akheran” is written and directed by Ousama Obeid Alnasser.

It is streaming on Shahid.

4Till Death 3 

The third season of the series “Till Death” is airing on the streaming platform Shahid.

The series stars Lebanese actresses Daniella Rahme and Maguy Bou Ghosn.


5Omla Nadra

Nelly Karim stars in the 2023 Ramadan series Omla Nadra, where she portrays Nadra, who has to fight for protecting her land following her husband’s demise.

Omla Nadra is airing on MBC.

6Taghyeer Gaw

Menna Shalaby returns in the comedy-drama series “Taghyeer Gaw.” The story revolves around mental health as Shalaby’s character is a woman who takes care of her sick mother.

The series features the struggles of paranoia, drug and alcohol abuse.

Taghyeer Gaw airs on MBC Masr and Shahid.

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