Is Bambaşka Biri getting a season 2? Hande Erçel slammed amid bad acting performance

Fans of Bambaşka Biri (Another Love) took to social media platforms including X (formerly Twitter) to voice their opinion and concerns amid the recent acting performance by Turkish star Hande Erçel. 

Users on X described Hande’s performance as “dreadful” and that she only came to fame “for her beautiful looks only” and not for her excellent acting skills.”

The following content will contain spoilers from Bambaşka Biri, so please proceed cautiously!

Is Bambaşka Biri getting a season 2? Hande Erçel slammed amid bad acting performance

The situation of the TV series Bambaşka Biri is very similar to Ya Çok  Seversen, which had an early finale!

The scene aired on Fox Turkey and was the season’s finale. Leyla (Hande Erçel) was seen crying her eyes out for losing the love of her life Kenan (Burak Deniz) after she shot him for being a schizophrenic but one scene changed everything and left the audience with one question:

Is Kenan dead?

The ending left viewers curious since Kenan could still be alive, as the bullet might not have hit any vital parts so we could be looking at a potential second season of the beloved Turkish drama as speculated by fans of the series.

IMDB describes the show as follows:

“The brutal murder of Hamdi Atilbay brings together the paths of young prosecutor Leyla, and a famous journalist Kenan. However, this murder is covered with facts that will also destroy their love.”

The possibility of a second season is high since Kenan might’ve shown up at the end of the episode but we only saw his back as he dropped a note for Leyla saying the total opposite of what he told her at the beginning of the series “We will not be strangers.”

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