Hamas as kittens – North Korean animator mocks Israel

An X account (formerly known as Twitter) straight from Pyongyang, North Korea called National Juche Party posted an animation video depicting Hamas members as cute kittens as they fight against the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza. 

National Juche Party’s owner explained the process behind the animation video as he used AI art for the Hamas kittens and a scene from 1987 called Madox-01 and recommended it saying the whole thing is free to watch on YouTube.

Despite its ease of use, AI art is considered horrible by artists as it feeds on their art without their consent which is close to “stealing” or downright “unethical.” According to the user behind the video, it took them a total of three days to finish and produce the video.

Hamas as kittens – North Korean animator mocks Israel

The Hamas kittens are seen wearing green headbands with the days of the week written on them in the Arabic language.

users on X commented on the embedded post above saying that their favorite character from the animation short is Lunch Time which is the red triangle Hamas uses to show their viewers their target before eradicating them. In addition to the red triangle, Juche Party gave it a cute face adding character to a basic shape.

People say the red triangle is inspired by a watermelon as many pro-Palestine users on social media platforms replaced it with the Palestinian flag as it resembles its colors for shadow ban reasons on Instagram and Facebook.

A picture of Lunch Time and all the characters in the Hamas short


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