Netflix’s UAE Dating Show, Love is Blind, Habibi causes controversy

Netflix’s decision to launch a UAE version of its popular dating show, Love is Blind, titled Love is Blind, Habibi, has stirred up controversy and excitement among viewers. The show, known for its unique concept of couples getting engaged without meeting face-toface.

In Love is Blind, Habibi, 15 single men and 15 women from the Arab community are set on a quest to find true love.

The participants communicate exclusively through specially designed “pods,” adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to their interactions. This setup prevents them from seeing each other until a potential engagement.

The show’s format involves multiple speed-dating sessions over ten days. If a strong connection forms, participants have the opportunity to propose, marking the first time they meet their potential life partner in person. The engaged couples are then whisked away to a luxurious resort.

The Middle Eastern version, titled Love is Blind, Habibi, will be hosted by famous Saudi couple Elham Ali and Khaled Saqr.

The original Love is Blind series has gained immense popularity with its U.S. version, and the concept has been successfully adapted in several international locations, including Brazil, the UK, Japan, Sweden, Germany, and Argentina.

However, launching the show in the UAE brings its own set of challenges, considering the region’s cultural norms and sensitivities.

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