Netflix announces Blue Eye Samurai Season 2

Blue Eye Samurai is officially returning with a second season after Netflix announced the comeback of the beloved animated series through a YouTube trailer and social media posts. 

The trailer was published on Netflix’s official YouTube channel on Dec. 12, 2023, and got more than 50,000 views in its first five hours of release. Blue Eye Samurai quickly became one of the best-animated shows among Netflix subscribers for its simple yet compelling story, well-written characters, and stunning visuals.

The announcement trailer has nothing new to offer besides the official announcement of season 2 as it just showcases snippets of scenes from Season 1.

We recommend not giving the trailer a watch if you haven’t watched the first season as it contains several spoilers.

Netflix announces Blue Eye Samurai Season 2!

Netflix has been on a roll lately with animated series by releasing shows such as Pluto, which received insane reviews from fans and critics alike, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, which is being animated by the spectacular Science Saru (Keep Your Hands Off Eizoken and Devilman Crybaby) and of course, the Bue Eye Samurai.

The show received great reviews from fans and critics alike with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a whopping 100% and IMDB users contributing to the positive reviews and giving it 8.9/10 making it one of the highest-reviewed shows on Netflix.

What is the Blue Eye Samurai about?

Blue Eye Samurai


The Blue Eye Samurai tells the story of a mixed-race woman who mastered the sword as she lives in disguise since people view her as a monster for her blue eyes. The show is set in the Edo period when almost all foreigners left the country after Japan closed its borders to the outside world.

While holding a grudge against her Western father, who still resides in Japan, the blue samurai finds her way on the road of revenge as she fights through powerful and fearsome enemies and warriors!

As mentioned in a previous article by Al Bawaba, Netflix’s Blue Eye Samurai is not an anime! As much as its directors are fans of the medium, the show took a different approach with its 3D and 2D hybrid animation. Green clarified to Tudum by Netflix as follows:

“It’s a 2D/3D hybrid, utilizing both technologies,” clarified Green. “But even when we use 3D, we wanted it to have a 2D handcrafted feel.”

This hybrid style has been a trend among animation studios worldwide for its charming and appealing visuals in movies such as Sony’s Spiderverse franchise and Dream Works’ latest Puss n Boots.

Watch the first season of the series on Netflix here.  

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