Series to watch in the second half of Ramadan

 This Ramadan, 2023, the Ramadan series are presented with only 15 episodes, unlike past seasons, where the collection of series starts on the first day of Ramadan and last until the end of the month.

This year, the first half o the Ramadan series ended, and the second half of the shows started airing on the 16th day of Ramadan.

The second half features a lot of interesting series starring stars like Mona Zaki, Ahmed El Sakka, and Ghada Abdelrazek.

1. “Tult Al Talata” starring Ghada Abdelrazek

The series Tult Al Talata would be a return to the Ramadan screen from Egyptian artist, Ghada Abdelrazek as she did not star in any series last season, her last Ramadan show was “Lahm Al Ghazal” in Ramadan 2021.

At first, Tult Al Talata was set to consist of 30 episodes, but the cast and crew had many obstacles in the production, which led to the series to stop filming, eventually, it was decided to only make the series consist of 15 episodes.

The drama series tells the story of triples, each sister works a different career, and viewers get to enjoy the interesting events during the show.

Playing the role of the triples will be Ghada Abdelrazek, starring next to her will be Ahmad Magdi, Mai Salim, Laila Ahmed Zaher and Saleh Abdullah.

The show is created by Hiba Al Hussaini, and produced by Mamdouh shaheen, directed by Hasan Saleh.

2. “Gat Saleema” starring Donia Samir Ghanem

After a long absence from the screen after the death of her parents, Donia Samir Ghanem returns with a new Ramadan series titled Gat Saleema.

This Ramadan series will be of a comedy genre and will consist of only 15 episodes.

The events of the series Gat Saleema take place in different periods of time, comedically about the character “Amal”, who inherits a library from her father after his death.

This library enables Amal to travel in time and goes through many comedic adventures, the original name for the series was supposed to be titled “Sira’a Al Fusul” but last minute, the creators of the show decided to change it to something more comedic, thus choosing Gat Salima.

3. “Taghyeer Jaw” starring Menna Shalabi

After a period of absence due to alleged drug possession and being arrested in Cairo airport, Egyptian actress Menna Shalabi returns for a new Ramadan series titled “Taghyee Jaw.”

The series is a romantic drama, and its events are based in Lebanon, Beirut.

Shalabi plays the role of an interior designer from Egypt named Sharifa, who suffers many problems related to her alcoholic mother, who happens to be also addicted to pills, and Sharifa tries her best to work hard and tries to earn money to afford rehab for her mom.

Sharifa’s life is turned upside down when she meets a history college professor named Khaled, she falls in love with him, and the relationship takes Sharifa to a whole new world.

4. “Taht Al Wasaya” starring Mona Zaki

Taht Al Wasaya is a drama Ramadan series that revolves around a woman who supports her family, by owning a fishing boat and working in the supply of fish and shrimp, which exposes her to a lot of harassment from some men who refuse her intrusion into their profession.

She tries to fight off the problems she faces in her career and family environment.

The character also enters into conflict with the Hasbi Council, which is the government agency entrusted with the guardianship of minor children, after the death of the husband.

The story of the series was inspired by the life of “Hajja Sisa”, who was forced to work in professions that were restricted to men until she disguised herself as a man for more than 40 years.

5. “Al Sandouq” starring Huda El Mufti

With events of excitement, mystery, and breathtaking events, the series “Al Sandouq” tells the story of a girl named Reem, who receives a strange box containing encrypted messages asking to save a person before his death on her birthday.

Then the events follow with a mixture of excitement, suspense, and mystery, until curiosity pushes three friends, Youssef, Reem, and Yassin, to search and uncover the mystery of this box.

The series is written by Mostafa Saqr and Mahmoud Ramadan, directed by Marwan Abdel Moneim, and produced by Abdullah Aboul Fotouh.

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