This game looks and plays like a Junji Ito horror manga

WORLD OF HORROR is an indie game developed by Polish developer Paweł Koźmiński (Panstasz LLC) and published by Ysbryd Games and PLAYISM  which is an avid publisher of special games like this one. 

The game had people’s attention on release for its eerie yet beautifully animated style as it draws inspiration from horror manga such as the legendary Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft, the developer adds that it’s a love letter for these iconic figures.

This game looks and plays like a Junji  Ito horror manga

WORLD OF HORROR (@panstasz) / X

WORLD OF HORROR allows the player to navigate through a hellish world filled with creepy settings and horrific images with rogue-lite and turn-based RPG elements for gameplay. Additionally, players will be faced with unforgiving in-game choices that could result in something horrible happening to the character.

Moreover, other than drawing inspiration from Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft, the game is also influenced by a beautifully drawn, retro-stylized pixel art giving it a unique edge similar to Omori and Undertale.

Where to play WORLD OF HORROR and how much is it?

World of Horror lets me bring doom upon myself - Polygon

Despite it being an indie game, it’s available on several platforms and consoles including; the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5/4, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, sorry Xbox users!

The game will cost you $19.99 and is currently on sale on Steam for $29.73 if you get the soundtrack with it.

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