King Charles wears ripped socks

King Charles III and his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, visited a mosque in London, but cameras and people who were around and focused on a hole in the monarch’s socks. 

Charles topped search engines, after he appeared with Camilla during his visit to a mosque in the capital, London.

King Charles III recently visited a mosque, which means that some hero in the British press managed to snap a photo of his socks.

— Tristin Hopper (@TristinHopper) February 8, 2023


The picture of the Royal couple that trended on social media was the king and the ripped right-side black sock.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the king was never interested in following prestige and the latest fashion trends and that he prefers to stick with his own style in choosing his own clothes.

But the paper added that royal aides might be advised that His Majesty needs a new pair of socks.

The king became the talk of social media as some said he is a normal person, like any other human being, while others insisted that this shouldn’t be such a big deal and not worth grabbing the press and people’s attention.

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