Demet Özdemir and Sergio Sergi love rumors continue

 Demet Özdemir and Sergio Sergi continue to spark romance rumors. 

Turkish actress  Demet Özdemir recently split from her husband Oğuzhan Koç in May, after 8 months of marriage, has been traveling repeatedly to Greece.

It has been reported that Turkish actress Demet Özdemir started to date, Greek producer and DJ Sergio Sergi. Rumors are spreading claiming the actress is traveling to see the Italian native. Özdemir first met Sergi at a birthday party for one of their mutual friends.

Earlier, the actress revealed that she bought a house in Greece later on, she posted a picture while in Greece and penned: “Not a tourist but a local.”

The media believe that the relationship between the duo is getting a little more serious that she is thinking about moving to Greece to be with the musician. However, neither parties have confirmed the news.

And now, Özdemir shared on her story a picture of Sergi on her Instagram story, the shot was taken at one of the DJ’s parties, and the Greek producer went on ahead to re-share the actress’ post and added a nazar emoji.

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