Nadine Njeim shares new picture with fiancé

Actress Nadine Njeim shared a new photo of her and her new fiancé getting cozy on the couch. 

In the new picture taken to Instagram, Nadine Njeim laid back on her Armenian fiancé Nareg Narbekian’s chest and captioned the post: ” Just me and you, matching couple.” and added a red heart.

But instead of followers sharing positive comments, the comment section was flooded with negativity and criticism.

Users criticized Narbekian’s look claiming he has a more feminine look than Njeim’s, and others criticized his facial features saying that he underwent plenty of plastic surgeries and that he did his eyebrows.

One comment read: “This picture has over 1.500 plastic surgeries,” another joked, “Where did he get his eyebrows done, please write us the address.”

Another asked: “How did she not get ashamed of the comment section?” while a different user wrote: “You look like you both go to the same plastic surgeon.”

The pair got engaged on the actress’ 39th birthday, where Narbekian surprised Njeim with a diamond ring.

Njeim, who has over 15.6 million followers, shared a video of her proposal and said: “Today I was supposed to celebrate my birthday but I ended up celebrating life and love! I said yes.”

In the clip, Nadine Njeim, who was wearing a short silver dress, cried and hugged Narbekian as she was surprised.

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