Crystal series final episode: A leaked image reveals the ending

Crystal series adapted from the Turkish drama Güllerin Savaşı (translated to: War of the Roses) has 30 episodes remaining until it reaches the end.

And viewers are eager to get any leak from the show’s ending, and whether it is going to be identical to the Turkish version or has a new finale.

Leaking an image from Crystal series ending

A page on Facebook named Alhayba has leaked a picture and pointed out that it has been taken from the Crystal series last episode.

The footage had Fay, played by Stephanie Atallah, and Alia, played by Pamela El-Kik, unexpectedly hug each other, given the current events of the show.

final scene crystal seriesViewers pointed out that the scene is completely similar to the Turkish version of the show.

In Güllerin Savaşı’s ending, Gülfem Sipahi, played by Turkish actress Canan Ergüder who plays Alia’s role, leaves the palace after Gülru, played by Turkish actress Damla Sönmez who plays Fay’s role, obtains all of her properties due to the death of Jihad (Basil in the Arabic version).

Damla Sönmez (Fay) decides to open a new page and change herself to the better. She also bids farewell to Juri, who she later discovers that she is in fact her sister in the Turkish version.

A large number of the audience expressed their dissatisfaction with the events of the Turkish version, commenting that they wished that some changes would be made, especially since the Turkish version ends with the separation of Jawad  and Fay.

Alia’s hoax about her pregnancy exposed

The past episodes has witnessed many events, as Fay discovers Rehab’s attempts to get rid of her and kill her after Fay discovered her secret.

Fay also threatens to reveal the truth about Alia’s relationship with Rehab, as mother and daughter, if the latter does not leave the palace.

On the other hand, Jawad asks to reveal the truth about Alia’s pregnancy and end the lie, which prompts her to exploit her disagreement with Fay and accuse her of being behind her loss of the fetus.

Jawad refuses to accuse Fay of this matter and decides to reveal the truth and expose Alia’s deception about her pregnancy.

Crystal series is currently broadcast on Shahid platform and MBC channel, which is the Arabic version of the Turkish series Güllerin Savaşı (translated to: War of the Roses), and the show consists of 90 episodes.

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