72nd Miss Universe pageant: Behind-the-scenes preparations and glamor in El Salvador

Eighty-six beauty queens from around the world have arrived in El Salvador to compete in the 72nd Miss Universe pageant on November 18, HOLA! Magazine reported.

With the grand coronation on the horizon, the contestants are amid rigorous preparations, participating in various activities and rounds that highlight their beauty, intelligence and charisma, HOLA! added.

According to HOLA!, the beauty queens are using their social media accounts to offer glimpses into their journey, sharing behind-the-scenes moments of dress fittings and registration process, providing their followers with a taste of the excitement and preparation preceding the final event.

A source within the Miss Universe Organization spoke with HOLA! Magazine about the daily routines of the contestants from the moment they wake up until they go to bed. “The contestants start their day with breakfast at the hotel, followed by bonding time with their roommates,” the source revealed.

To foster camaraderie and avoid language barriers, contestants are strategically paired with those who speak the same language or share a mother tongue. “We try to pair people who speak the same language or have the same mother tongue so that they can befriend each other, and there’s no translation issues,” the insider explained to HOLA! Magazine.

Each contestant follows a slightly different schedule, with some of them undergoing fittings for their various outfits. “Other delegates embark on field trips, and they have a lot to choose from. I’m looking at the schedule, and there are like five today, so everyone’s going somewhere,” the Miss Universe representative said.

Despite their hectic schedules, the beauty queens also enjoy impromptu gatherings that offer them a break from the limelight. “Last night, many delegates were at the Sunset Park and Pier, and a local sushi restaurant invited them to hang out. We transport them to all the different activities, and inside the bus, it’s just the delegates and the staff. There’s no press or photographers, so it’s a fun place for them to bond with each other. It’s almost like taking the bus to school,” HOLA! source detailed.

The contestants will also participate in public events. “We have a bunch of public events in the next couple of days. So everybody is getting ready for those. On November 8, we have a welcome event for the press where all the delegates will present each other and walk the red carpet,” the insider said.

Traditionally, the contestants have one special night to spend with their loved ones before the grand finale. “The other tradition before the finale is a free night where everybody has the opportunity to go have dinner or hang out with their family and friends that flew to see them.”

The reigning queen, Miss Universe 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel from the United States, will pass her crown to the next successor during the 72nd Miss Universe 2023 which is set to take place in El Salvador on Saturday, November 18.

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