Miss Arab faces criticism due to her dress

Miss Arab Tunisia, Khouloud Al-Qasmi, has found herself at the center of a social media storm, enduring a widespread bullying campaign triggered by the circulation of photos depicting the titleholder. 

Social media users have criticized the images, deeming her as falling “far from the criteria of beauty.” The source of the controversy seems to be a series of pictures showcasing Khouloud in a golden dress.

Responding to the barrage of criticism, Khouloud took to an interview with a local radio station to address the situation. Expressing her surprise at the intensity of the attack, she suggested that it reflects a lack of taste on the part of the critics.

Khouloud emphasized that the competition was conducted with transparency and adherence to international beauty standards. However, she admitted a flaw in the images, attributing it to being captured by an inexperienced photographer in unfavorable lighting conditions.

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