Tucker Carlson takes his show to Twitter

Former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson said in a video tweet that he is taking his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to Twitter after parting ways with the conservative, New York-based news channel. 

In the video tweet, Carlson bashed freedom of speech in mainstream media. He said: “The rule of what you can’t say defines everything.”

“It’s utterly corrupting,” he added.

Following that tweet, Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk replied that Twitter has not signed any deal with Carlson to have his show launched on the platform.

“Tucker is subject to the same rules & rewards of all content creators,” Musk wrote.

Carlson’s exit from Fox News came after the news outlet settled a $787.5 million worth lawsuit with Dominio Voting Systems regarding the network’s spreading lies during the 2020 elections. The latter claimed that their business was harmed as Fox News spread false claims surrounding the votes.

That lawsuit was filed by his then-colleague Abby Grossberg, who mentioned allegations of sexism and bullying against Carlson as well.

On Tuesday, two weeks after being ousted by Fox News, Carlson accused Fox News of fraud and breach of contract. He made a host of document demands that could precede legal action, according to Axios.

Carlson’s contract with Fox was worth nearly $20 million annually, landing him at the top of the list of Fox News’ highest-paid anchors. Carlson’s show gained great popularity as well, with more than 3 million viewers per night.

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