Jordanian Kunafa tops the global dessert list

In a remarkable acknowledgment of Jordan’s dessert mastery, a local sweet shop’s expertise in crafting Kunafa has propelled it to the 42nd position on the “150 Most Legendary Dessert Places in the World” list. 

This prestigious recognition distinguishes Jordan as the sole Arab country featured on the renowned list, curated by “Taste Atlas.”

Kunafa, a traditional delicacy, is crafted from fine strands of pastry known as kadaifis.

These strands are generously soaked in a delectable sugar-based syrup called attar and often layered with cheese, clotted cream, pistachios, or an assortment of nuts, depending on regional variations.

This beloved dessert is cherished across Middle Eastern countries, including Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey.

The term “Kunafa” or “Kunefe” in Arabic refers to both the string pastry itself and the dessert as a whole.

In Turkish cuisine, the string pastry is called “tel kadayıf,” while the cheese-infused dessert is known as “künefe.”

In the Balkans, however, the shredded dough bears a resemblance to kadaif or cataif, and in Greece, it is recognized as kataifi.

These versatile pastries serve as the foundation for a range of dishes, including delectable desserts adorned with nuts and sweet syrups.

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