Story of the conjoined twins who weren’t expected to live

Nada and Maryam, two special girls born in Senegal in 2016, have overcome all odds. Originally given only a few days to live, the twins have defied expectations and are now seven years old, becoming the only living pair of conjoined twins in Europe.

Being conjoined twins is very unusual. It only happens in one out of every 500000 births in Britain, and many are born dead or do not survive beyond 24 hours after birth.

Their father, Ibrahim, shares his joy at celebrating their seventh birthday and praises the doctors who have supported them. He says, “Being told there was no future from the start taught us to cherish each moment.”

Though Maryam and Nada share a lower body, they have individual personalities and rely on each other for survival. Despite requiring constant care, they attend a regular school in South Wales and have made friends.

Ibrahim describes his daughters as fighters who have proven everyone wrong. Maryam is quiet and reserved, while Nada is independent and outgoing.

Meet Nada and Maryam: the conjoined twins who weren’t expected to live

conjoined twins

While separation was considered for their survival, it was deemed too risky due to Maryam’s heart condition. Ibrahim was advised that separating them could give Nada a better chance. However, the thought of choosing who survives was heart-wrenching for their father.

The family has found support in Cardiff and caregivers assist Ibrahim in looking after the girls. Nada and Maryam are now in third grade, receiving help from support workers.

Their next goal is to learn to stand and walk, and they practice for about 20 minutes a day with the aid of a standing frame. Their determination continues to inspire those around them as they embark on each new challenge.

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