Couple sells 8 month old baby to buy iPhone 14

A shocking and distressing incident has come to light in West Bengal, India, where a couple stands accused of selling their own eight-month-old child to finance their desire for the latest iPhone 14 and to create content for Instagram Reels.

The authorities have taken swift action, arresting the baby’s mother, while the father remains on the run.

This alarming incident sheds light on the dangerous consequences of materialism and the growing trend of prioritizing social media fame over ethical values.

According to the neighbors, they noticed a sudden change in the couple’s possessions, including the appearance of an iPhone 14, a pricey smartphone costing at least 100,000 rupees (S$1,600) in India.

The couple, who were known to be financially constrained, started creating entertaining Instagram Reels, short videos, using the new device. Concerned by the apparent discrepancy between their financial status and their possessions, the neighbors decided to act.

Last Saturday, they approached local councilor Tarak Guha, who promptly filed a report with the police.

This was not the only heinous act committed by the parents, as it is alleged that they also attempted to sell their 7-year-old daughter, but they were not successful in doing so.

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