Shark attacks on Egyptian coast from 2009 to 2023

 Shark attacks are very common on the Egyptian coast, almost every year there’s news about a shark attack in the African country. 

The latest shark attack was reported on Thursday in Hurghada’s Egyptian Red Sea resort where a Russian citizen was brutally killed. The shark attack was captured on video, which was widely shared on social media.

In this article, Albawaba highlights shark attacks in Egypt from 2009 to 2022.

Shark attack in 2009:

A French tourist was killed in a shark attack when she was diving in the resort of Marsa Alam, which overlooks the Red Sea in 2009.

Shark attack in 2010:

On 1 December 2010, three Russians and one Ukrainian were seriously wounded in a shark attack in Sharm el Sheikh. Four days later, a German woman was killed, when she was attacked while wading or snorkeling near the shoreline.

Shark attack in 2014:

A shark attack killed a fisherman in the Marsa Alam area of the Red Sea, eastern Egypt in 2014.

Egyptian authorities said that “rescue and diving teams succeeded in extracting what was left of the fisherman’s body.”

Shark attack in 2015:

A shark devoured a German tourist who was swimming during a cruise in the tourist city of Qusayr, near the Red Sea in Egypt.

Shark attack in 2016:

A shark ate the foot of an Egyptian man, who was swimming during a cruise in the Red Sea, in the first attack of its kind since the killing of a German tourist in 2015.

Shark attack in 2017:

A 25-year-old woman was attacked by a shark when she was diving in Egypt’s in Marsa Alam.

Shark attack in 2018:

A Czech tourist was killed by a shark attack when he was swimming in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt.

Shark attack in 2020:

Egyptian authorities received a report stating that three people were attacked by a shark while practicing surface swimming near the “Shark Reef” diving area in the Ras Muhammad Reserve.

Shark attack in 2021:

A diver named Tariq Khalaf (58 years old) was hospitalized in 2021 after a shark attack that left him with a serious injury in his left arm.

Shark attack in 2022:

An Austrian woman, who was married to an Egyptian man, was swimming in the water alone, away from the tourist group, when she was attacked by a shark.

Shark attack in 2023:

A Russian tourist was killed in a horrific shark attack which was captured on video last Thursday.

Another video was shared on social media showing men in Egypt after capturing the shark which allegedly killed a Russian citizen in Hurghada.

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