Centuries old lemon auctioned for an astounding price

 In a surprising turn of events, a 285-year-old dried lemon has become the talk of the town after being auctioned for a whopping $1800 at an auction in Britain. What was initially intended as a light-hearted gesture quickly transformed into a fierce bidding war as this nearly three-century-old citrus fruit revealed itself to be a remarkable piece of heritage?

The dried lemon, measuring a mere 2 inches (5 cm) in size, was discovered tucked away in a cupboard during a routine house disinfection. As the homeowners sifted through their uncle’s belongings, they stumbled upon a nineteenth-century chest, presuming it held some value. Intrigued, they decided to present it to an auctioneer.

To their astonishment, during the photography session for the sale of the cabinet, the auction specialist stumbled upon the intriguing lemon hidden at the back of one of the drawers. The lemon peel bore an inscription that read, “Dedicated by Mr. P. Le Franchini, November 4, 1739, to Miss E. Baxter.”


It is believed that this lemon, originally from India, was once presented as a romantic gift and made its way to England. Auctioneer David Brittle shared, “We thought we’d have a bit of fun and put it up for auction at £40 to £60, but it sold for £1416.” In contrast, the safe that was also part of the auction fetched a mere £32, emphasizing the extraordinary demand for this unique piece.

Brittle further expressed his belief that the lemon garnered such a substantial sum due to its rarity, making it unlikely that a similar item would surface, let alone auctioned again.

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