YouTuber exposes kin sexual affair in video

 An Egyptian YouTuber sparked a wave of anger on social media after she appeared in videos described as “publicly indecent”, the most prominent of which was disclosing an alleged sexual relationship for her son and daughter together.

Egyptian media outlet reported that YouTuber (woman) called Um Ziyad, or Heba Al-Sayed, claimed in a video that she caught her two children in an immoral situation.

The woman was reported to be appearing with three of her children, in the video, as she lured one of them to confess the incident.

The woman has been accused of exploiting children and violating the sanctity of her children by making profits through the published videos. The Public Prosecution in Egypt ordered quick arrest of her.

The prosecution said that it had monitored the circulation of the video on social media platforms of the accused.

It ordered investigators to collect information about her, including her name, phone number, and place of residence, in preparation of arresting her and bringing her in for questioning.

The incident violates the provisions of Article 291 of the Egyptian Penal Code.

The accused might be legally incriminated of violating the child’s right to protection from trafficking or sexual exploitation. The investigations, however, are still ongoing.

It is circulated that the accused woman might face a penalty ranging from three to seven years in prison, once judicial authorities revise the incident.

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