Heart-shaped island up for sale on Valentine’s Day

A part of the famous heart-shaped island in Croatia is up for sale on Valentine’s Day.

Galesnjak Island was discovered for the first time in 2009 when Google Earth recorded its unique shape, a heart-shaped Island. Due to its unique shape, it was nicknamed the “Island of Love.”

A part of Galesnjak Island is offered for sale for $11 million. Some said that the timing is just perfect as it is Valentine’s Day and what is a perfect way to show love than buying your lover a part of a heart-shaped Island?

The Island is located in the Pašman Canal of the Adriatic Sea and it is locally known as “Galešnjak.” It is a super famous island since Beyoncé spent her 39th birthday party there and stayed for multiple days.

Michael Jordan paid a visit to Galesnjak Island last year as well as, Jeff Bezos, according to Silvestro Kardum, a representative for the owner said.

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