Chinese woman held 16 jobs for 3 years without showing up

 A Chinese woman has found herself in hot water after being accused of fraud for holding down 16 jobs simultaneously while never showing up to work for any of them, as crazy as that sounds. 

Supposedly, for over three years, she managed to manipulate and deceive more than a dozen employers into paying her without doing a single day of work for them.

According to local media reports, the woman had an elaborate scheme to collect salaries from different companies without ever fulfilling her responsibilities.

She had a detailed record of all her employers, including the positions she held at each company and the date she started working at each place.

At interviews for new jobs, she often took pictures and shared them with her current employers as “proof” that she was conducting business and meeting with clients.



The fraudster was always looking for new positions and would interview for multiple jobs simultaneously. If she was fired for lack of performance, she would find a new company to work for, always portraying herself as an expert and using her polished resume and interviewing skills to deceive her potential employers.

The scheme began to fall apart when one of her former employers discovered her resignation letter in an online work group.

Liu Jian, the owner of a technology company, had hired her and several others for sales roles but was forced to dismiss them after a three-month probation period due to a lack of sales.



Soon after she departed from Jian’s company, she made the mistake of sending her resignation notice to another company and multiple work groups. Jian was part of one of these groups and observed that the resignation date matched when she was expected to work for his company.

Further investigation revealed that she had defrauded numerous companies for an estimated 50 million yuan (Close to 7 million dollars) over at least three years. The woman, her husband, and over 50 accomplices involved in the scheme were subsequently arrested on fraud charges.



This type of job fraud is becoming a problem in China, with hundreds of people believed to be exploiting lax company practices and taking on multiple jobs without any intention of fulfilling their duties.

While many of these fraudulent acts go unnoticed, it’s essential for corporations to develop more robust hiring processes and procedures to avoid hiring unscrupulous employees. Failure to do so could ruin a company’s reputation, finances, and ultimately their workforce.

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