Mother fatally suffocates her 4-year-old son in Egypt

A heart-wrenching incident has shaken Egypt as a 4-year-old child tragically lost his life. The unsettling incident took place at Senbellawein, in Daqahliyah Governorate of northeastern Egypt.

The mother stands accused of committing this heinous act as an act of revenge against her husband’s family.

Initial reports from Egyptian newspapers revealed that authorities were alerted after the lifeless body of the young child was brought to Sanbelawein Hospital by his 23-year-old mother.

Living with her parents due to her husband’s overseas employment, the mother failed to provide a reasonable explanation for the circumstances surrounding the child’s death.

According to “Al Youm Al Sabea” newspaper, investigative findings pointed towards the mother suffocating her sleeping child using a women’s scarf and a pillow.

Eventually, the accused confessed to the shocking crime, revealing that she had used a pillow to smother her own child until he succumbed.

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