New lung cleaning device going viral in Turkey

 Do you have a breathing problem caused by asthma, bronchitis, or pneumonia that leaves you wheezing or gasping for air, or wakes you up breathless at night? Do you have a problem walking, or climbing the stairs?

Well, a new lung-cleaning device is going viral in Turkey.

Breath Trainer said the “revolutionary med-free device” will instantly help you breathe better.

LungMaster post on Facebook.
LungMaster post on Facebook.

The LungMaster is what’s called an OPEP, a Mucus Clearance Oscillating Positive Expiratory device, according to Breath Better. It said this means “no matter what breathing condition you might suffer from, chronic, seasonal, or even just a bad case of the common cold, the LungMaster can help you!”

The device not only clear up the airways, but strengthen the lungs and helps them rid themselves of mucus buildup.

And because it’s natural, one can use the device as many times as needed to get rid of stubbornly thick layers of mucus, according to Breath Trainer.

The device is discounted 50 percent, selling at $59, according to a LungMaster post on Facebook.

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