So you think you can fast? 13 ways you’ve broken your fast without realizing it

We know you’ve been abstaining from daytime food and drink this month, but are you hip to other actions that could disqualify you from fasting? It may be a tad late to start lecturing you on Ramadan rules, but the holy month ain’t over just yet.

Ramadan’s theme is to control your urges whether they’re bodily, brainy or soulful. Do it right, and enjoy a mental and physical detox in one lunar month.

For the Muslim faithful, this is the year’s hardest month because it tests your patience on so many levels. Do you think you can manage? Can you cope with feeling grumpy from lack of grazing and fluids, no smokes or caffeine, hold your temper, not gossip or judge?

We are self-indulgent fast-fix humans, narcissistic and materialistic, prone to show off our achievements yet not take consider the less fortunate among us. This special month brings this disconnect into sharp perspective. It challenges you to becoming a better person by resisting all temptations.

So, if you view Ramadan as a waiting game, holding off ’til after dusk to resume old ways, think again.

Take our “So You Think You Can Fast” challenge to see how you fare on fasting. You may be jeopardizing your holy month without realizing that your fast has long since broken!

cookie jar child

Eating & Drinking – This is the bottom line so if you’re not eating, you’re fasting, right? Well it is the essential ingredient and you shouldn’t let it slip your light-headed minds as your reach for a banana during Ramadan! But there is more to it then that, the fast goes beyond the belly hunger.
adult nose Pinocchio lying

Lying – Everyone is partial to a fib now and again and while a white lie isn’t enough to condemn you to the depths of hell, during Ramadan it is enough to mean you broke your fast.
do not judge

Judging others – You might think that you’re being a good Muslim by playing detective, asking everyone if they’re fasting but you’re at risk of subconsciously judging them before they’ve even answered the Q! So faithful fasters, park your judgmental side – your fast is purer for it.
man and woman bed sheets

Sex – Yes, sex is natural between married couples, but if you’re thinking of getting jiggy with your better half while fasting, you better hold those urges back until sunset. Come on, a few hours without ‘sexy time’ won’t kill you!
fat man on couch

Not praying – Uh huh! Praying is considered one of the most important pillars of Islam, so ‘no pray, no fast’ we’re afraid!
stop sign builders wolf-whistling

Flirting – Refraining from bedroom temptations isn’t enough – strictly no flirting during Ramadan! No lingering looks, no slipped phone numbers and no suggestive body language if you want to hold your fast! Let up on the letching, boys!
sleeping in office

‘I’m only sleeping’! The Beatles may have sung it but there’s no room for Ramadan in bed! You need to be awake to actually live the experience of fasting so as to empathize with the poor. It’s ok to nap for an hour or two, but no dozing from dawn till dusk.
Muslims bitching showing off cartoon

Showing off – Posers need not apply! The fast loses its ‘bite’ if you go on about it. This is definitely a case of more points for modesty, carrying on as normal and less grumbling – all of which make that fast count more.
gossiping girls

Gossip girls – “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”…your mom got it right! All you gossip queens have to keep your comments to yourself during Ramadan as talking about someone behind their back will also render your fast broken.
car fight

Temper, temper– Fasting is about controlling your temper and being calm and respectful towards others. So be nice, forget bad words even if you’re tested by traffic and bad moods, and that will make your fast go further. Road rage at Ramadan is not cool!
woman insinuating photo with sheets

A spot of D.I.Y anybody? Pleasuring oneself is off limits– Keep your hands where we can see them! No below-the-belt action during sunlight please, ladies and gents, even if it’s all solo!
cigarette trap

Smoking ban – Even though it’s not a food, tobacco is haram during sunlight hours in Ramadan. But fear not – if you smoke like a chimney, you can always slap on a nicotine patch, which have been approved by the Abu Dhabi Awqaf as a ‘medicine’.
dancing boobs

Toning it down and dressing conservatively – Although there’s no need to don a burqa during the holy month, you are supposed to dress more conservatively than usual. No mini-skirts ladies, and make sure you keep your melons under wraps until Eid!

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