Story behind tourist who got stuck in cement gap for 3 days

When someone visits a place for the first time, usually one would hope to see new things and make some new and fun experiences. These were likely the hopes of a certain 22 years old Russian girl who sadly ended up finding herself stuck in a narrow cement gap for three whole days.

Luckily though, this story does have a happy ending as the girl was both found and rescued. The rescuers tirelessly worked to create an opening in the basement wall of a building to reach the distressed young woman, who had been trapped for three harrowing days. A video showing a dramatic rescue of a 22-year-old girl was captured.

The incident, described as strange by local media reports, took place in the Russian resort town of Sochi. The girl had accidentally fallen into the narrow cement gap between the walls of a building, finding herself wedged in a dark and damp space that was ominously referred to as a “dungeon.”

Details about how she ended up in such a precarious situation remain unclear, but what is known is that she spent three days crying out for help.

The rescue operation, managed by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, saw swift action from the Southern Regional Search and Rescue Team. Upon receiving reports of the stranded girl, rescue workers diligently dismantled part of the brick wall to reach her.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations confirmed the rescue, stating that the young woman was discovered behind the basement wall after falling from the attic of a four-story building. After the eventual rescue, the girl was passed into the waiting hands of medical professionals.

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