Old woman hid in a floating refrigerator during Derna storm

In the wake of the catastrophic events unleashed by Hurricane Daniel in Libya, the port of Derna became the backdrop for one of the most extraordinary rescue tales ever recounted by sailors who bore witness to the unfolding drama.

Amidst the chaos and devastation, a remarkable incident emerged from the waterlogged dock. A group of sailors found themselves at the center of an astonishing rescue mission involving an elderly woman who had sought refuge in an unlikely place – a refrigerator.

It was a surreal scene as they described it, with the refrigerator miraculously floating on the water’s surface, while the woman inside cried out for help.

This peculiar rescue was just one among many harrowing accounts of survival and heroism in the aftermath of Hurricane Daniel’s rampage.

Another gripping tale emerged from the disaster, involving an Egyptian man who shared his bewildering experience.

He recounted how he had gone to sleep in what he believed to be the safety of his home, only to wake up hours later to a nightmare. He found himself adrift in the open sea, surrounded by vast expanses of water, with no memory of how he had ended up there.

One particularly hard-hit area was the coastal city of Derna, with its population of 100,000 people. Situated along the Mediterranean Sea, the city suffered immensely from the hurricane’s wrath.

The collapse of two dams unleashed torrents of floodwaters that swept away everything in their path, further compounding the already devastating loss of life.

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