Stunt gone wrong as car falls a 50 ft. jump

The dangers of attempting dangerous stunts for viral videos were once again highlighted in a recent incident involving a Russian actor, Evgeny Chebotarev. 

Chebotarev attempted to jump a Lada Niva car off the roof of a four-story building to the rooftop of a neighboring structure. However, he misjudged the distance smashing the car through a wall, and crashed to the ground. Despite the horrific accident, Chebotarev only sustained minor injuries, although he required hospital treatment.

Chebotarev is known for his willingness to take extreme risks for his online videos, as this isn’t the first time he performed this type of stunt, many of which could result in serious injury or death.

The Lada jump incident is not the first example of Chebotarev experiencing the dangers inherent in this type of performance. In 2019, he fractured his spine while attempting to jump a car over a river. His YouTube channel is also full of examples of him jumping over moving vehicles and other dangerous crash tests.


Although Chebotarev may have escaped with minor injuries on this occasion, others have not been as lucky. There have been numerous examples in recent years of individuals taking risks in the hope of generating viral content for their social media channels. In some cases, these stunts have led to fatalities.

The incident involving Chebotarev should serve as a reminder of the dangers involved in attempting such stunts. While his willingness to take risks may provide him with greater fame and exposure, the potential cost is simply too high.

Chebotarev’s Instagram is here for more of his crazy stunts.

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