Near Black Sea lies ghost town of Burj Al Babas

In a small town in the Bolu Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey lies an abandoned town of white-colored castles, called Burj Al Babas.

Here’s what Albawaba knows about it:

The small town of Burj Al Babas in Turkey is filled with half-finished, fully abandoned 700 Disney-like mini castles, with not one person living in it.

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In the 2000s, the Yerdelen brothers began the construction of 700 identical mini-chateaux castles located in the city of Mudurnu when Turkey’s economy was booming.

Now, with the economy slowing down as a result of a soaring global inflation, investors pulled out of the project in 2019. Subsequently, the Yerdelen brothers filed for bankruptcy and ultimately abandoned the town.

The project cost around $200 million and was later called Burj Al Babas, however, the fairytale town was not finished.

Not a single castle was finished in terms of construction, and the town remains unlivable.

Now, the area looks like an eerie ghost town.

Recently, news reports said the Yerdelen brothers are thinking to turn the residences into vacation homes.

The fate of the Disney-eerie town remains uncertain, and it is unknown if the project will finish construction.

According to Times, the castles are simply empty shells with no signs of life other than the abandoned construction material placed on the ground.

Per timeout, “the idea behind the town was to create hundreds of palaces and put them up for sale, each one with its own pool, jacuzzi, and underfloor heating. The town itself was intended to also have its own shopping center, restaurants, spas, Turkish baths, and golf course. Each pad could apparently have sold for $542,000.”

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