AI made books fabricates info about King Charles’ cancer

There is no doubt that the news of King Charles’ cancer diagnosis caused much shock and sadness both across Britain and outside of it, dominating headlines both locally and internationally. 

However, a new twist emerged as Amazon halted the sale of several books supposedly written by “artificial intelligence” due to concerns about wrong information regarding the King’s illness being spread by these books.

Buckingham Palace condemned any speculative reports about the King’s health as intrusive and rife with inaccuracies, noting their legal team is going to take a closer look and investigate the matter.

The contentious books speculated on the type of cancer afflicting King Charles, ranging from skin to prostate cancer, alongside descriptions of his emotional journey upon discovering the illness.

King Charles

Amazon swiftly took action and removed these books for violating content guidelines, all of which were self-published by unknown authors. One such book, titled “The King’s Battle…Charles III and his battle against cancer.” appeared on Amazon on the same day as the King’s cancer announcement, raising suspicions of their credibility.

An Amazon spokesperson emphasized their commitment to providing a trustworthy platform for authors and readers, promising they’ll continue monitoring and making sure the guidelines are followed.

King Charles

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace disclosed King Charles’ battle with cancer, clarifying that though the exact type remains undisclosed, it is not prostate cancer and was discovered during treatment for another health concern.

While the King has scaled back public engagements, he remains dedicated to his royal responsibilities behind the scenes, ensuring the continuity of his duties.

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