Covid-19 or dengue disease? Egypt’s unidentified disease sparks debate

At least 270 people in Egypt were infected with the “unidentified disease” in Qena governorate, Upper Egypt triggering rumors about what exactly it is.

Some people debated on social media claiming that it could be a new variant of COVID-19, while others claimed that it could be the dengue disease which shows similar symptoms to the one that is now spreading.

The Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt released a statement that the symptoms that patients suffer from in al-Aleqat village do not have a “uniform pattern.”

It added that people suffering from unidentified disease have mild to moderate symptoms and therefore do not need to go to hospital.

The new unidentified disease spreading gives symptoms including fevers, bone pain, and fatigue, lasting from three to five days.

After the news about Egypt’s unidentified disease, people have been debating whether this is a new Covid-19 variant as it poses some fever and bone pain.

However, others allegedly said that it is dengue disease, which is a viral infection that spreads from mosquitoes to people.

After the spread of the “unidentified disease,” Russia announced imposing tighter health protocols on flights from Egypt with fears that the unidentified disease may spread to Moscow.

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