Chilling Verdict: Nurse found guilty in deaths of 7 newborns in UK hospital

A UK nurse, Lucy Letby, aged 33, has been found guilty of committing the deaths of seven newborns and attempting to cause the deaths of six other newborns while employed at Countess Of Chester Hospital in Chester.

The verdict was delivered at Manchester Royal Court. Letby’s actions were unveiled to have occurred in the neonatal unit during the years 2015 and 2016.

Letby was charged with injecting insulin to poison the infants, and in some cases, attempting to cause fatalities by injecting air and milk.

The prosecution revealed that some of the deceased babies were twins, with one of the infants being just a day old at the time of death. This case marks Letby as one of the most prolific serial child killers in modern UK history.

In addition, authorities discovered notes at Letby’s residence following her arrest, stating, “I killed them because I couldn’t take care of them properly. I am a horribly bad person.

I am a devil who did this.” As the investigation continues, law enforcement is exploring the possibility of additional victims at hospitals where Letby worked.

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