3 year-old boy dies after being left in car for 6 hours

A baby boy, 3 years old, died after his mother forgot him inside her car for six hours in a temperature of 27 degree heat. 

The mother, whose name was not mentioned, forgot to leave her young child at daycare before going to work, according to local reports.

The mother parked her car near her workplace, Thursday, and left her sleeping son in the back of the car, according to reports.

In the evening, the child’s father called his wife to inquire about their son after he went to the daycare to pick him up and discovered his absence.

Local reports said he had been left with a jacket on because although day-time temperatures in the area had risen to around 27 degrees Celsius it had been chilly in the morning.

The tragedy happened  in the municipality of O Porrino, near the city of Pontevedra, in Spain’s northwest Galician region.

Overnight, the town hall made an announcement declaring a three-day period of mourning and observed a minute of silence at midday today.

In addition, a local festival was suspended in light of the tragic news.

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