Tragedy in Qalyub: Man accused of killing and assaulting friend’s daughter

 In a shocking and tragic incident in the city of Qalyub, Egypt, an unemployed man has been detained for four days pending investigation on charges of sexually assaulting and killing a 9 years old girl. 

The accused, simply identified as “A.A.”, is a friend of the victim’s father, who was using drugs with him inside his house when the incident took place.

According to investigations by the police, the victim was suffocated at the hands of her father’s friend. Her body was found at her house and transported to the hospital for a forensic examination. The report revealed that the victim had been sexually assaulted before being strangled and tied up until she took her last breath.


The accused left his friend’s house after he finished using drugs, then returned under the pretext that he had forgotten something at home. He then put a sleeping pill on his friend before heading to the victim’s room and committing the heinous crime.

It goes without saying that the tragic incident has left the community in Qalyub in shock and grief. This tragedy should serve as a reminder to parents to be more careful about who they let into their home and who to allow to be near their children.

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