Racism deprives dark-skinned girl of sports medal in Ireland (Video)

Social media activists shared a video that exposed a “racist incident” targeting a young girl with a dark complexion.

The video, filmed during a gymnastics competition in Ireland in March of the previous year, reveals a group of young gymnasts awaiting the presentation of their medals.

The young girl with dark skin patiently waited for her medal but was disregarded and passed over, leaving her astonished and bewildered by the unsettling turn of events.

Activists on the “X” platform (formerly known as Twitter) alleged that, at the end of the video, the official departed the scene while holding the last remaining medal, with all the other girls in the row receiving one except for the girl affected.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” quoted the girl’s parents, who attributed the incident to racism.

Despite the Irish Gymnastics Union issuing an apology for the incident after the video resurfaced this week, stating that “the matter was resolved in August” and noting that “the woman who is no longer a member of the sports body after choosing not to renew her membership” was addressed.

The video was recorded during a series of events for Gymnastic Ireland’s GymStart program, which aims to encourage participation in the sport by creating a safe, progressive, and enjoyable environment for all participants, as outlined on the Gymnastics Ireland website. This apology represents Gymnastics Ireland’s first public statement regarding the incident.

The girl’s mother, in an interview with The Guardian, criticized the judge’s behavior and the organization’s silence over the past 18 months, describing it as “unbelievable” and highlighting the systemic issue of not addressing such incidents promptly.

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