Video Kuwaiti woman discovers hidden camera in women’s bathroom

A widely circulated video captured the distressing moment when a Kuwaiti woman stumbled upon a hidden camera concealed within the women’s restroom of a bank in the Al Farwaniya governorate in Kuwait. 

The incident has ignited a fierce debate on social media about the importance of preserving personal privacy and ensuring the safety of public spaces.

The Kuwaiti woman in the video demonstrated the location of the concealed device, highlighting the audacious nature of the intrusion.

Expressing her strong dismay and discomfort, she emphasized the crucial need for women’s restrooms to be free from any form of surveillance or violation of privacy.

The Kuwaiti woman promptly filed an official complaint against the bank at the Al-Firdous police station. Along with the complaint, she stressed the urgency of imposing stringent measures and consequences against those who engaged in such a reprehensible act.

The incident has sparked calls for thorough investigations to identify the individuals responsible and to ensure that justice is served.

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