Russian proposal: 1M Rubles to families with 3 children

The Committee on Demography, Protection of Family, Children, and Traditional Values of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation has proposed a payment of one million rubles for the birth or adoption of a third child and subsequent children in one family.

The goal of this proposal is to encourage families to have more children due to the declining population in Russia. The committee’s report highlights that the natural decline will reach approximately six million people, which cannot be replaced by migration flows by 2030.

Additionally, the proposal suggests expanding the use of maternity capital funds for large families, such as using these funds as monthly payments for children under 18, buying locally manufactured family cars, or renting houses for families on a waiting list to improve their living conditions.

Russian proposal: 1 million rubles to families with three children


The demographic situation in Russia is deteriorating significantly, and the decline in the population is due to natural circumstances, including the fact that the country is in a state of war with Ukraine, causing human losses.

Olga Polyakova, a Russian journalist, says that such measures taken to encourage families to have children are a good step by the government and could be effective in solving the demographic crisis present in the country. One million rubles is around $10,000.

Last year, the Russian Democratic Party proposed a bill to increase maternity capital for the first child to 756,712 thousand rubles, and for the second, third, and subsequent children to one million rubles, respectively.

Currently, maternity capital amounts to 589.5 thousand rubles and 779 thousand rubles, respectively. These proposals coincide with the urgent need to improve the country’s demographic situation by providing financial support to encourage families to have more children.


Russia is currently the ninth largest country in the world in terms of population, with an estimated 146 million 26 thousand 476 people, according to the latest statistics.

The government’s proposal in the form of one million rubles is one of the measures taken to increase the population and improve the demographic situation of the country. The provision of financial support for families to have more children is expected to have positive results and improve the situation.

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