Video: 2 lions escape from circus, disturb audience

Two lions startled their tamers and escaped while they were performing in a circus in China, which caused panic among the audience.

Two lions escaped from the arena, which was surrounded by cages, while they were performing an entertaining circus show for the audience, in the city of Luoyang, in eastern China’s Henan Province, Daily Mail Newspaper reported.

According to the newspaper, the escape of the two lions caused panic among the public, who fled collectively. But no injuries resulted from their escape.

Sources suggested that while one of the two lions was trapped in the cage in the nick of time, the other managed to escape into a surrounding street, but the authorities caught him within 15 minutes.

Information indicates that the two lions escaped through a door in the iron fence separating the theater from the audience, which was not properly secured during the show.

The incident is being investigated, while local authorities have ordered the circus to suspend all its performances.

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