Over 100 flights cancelled after storm Isha in UK

Storm Isha is wreaking havoc in the UK and Ireland, causing widespread travel disruptions as airlines cancel flights and rail operators halt services. 

The Met Office has issued an uncommon blanket wind warning for the entire UK, cautioning that gusts could reach an alarming 90 miles per hour (145 kilometers per hour) in certain areas, posing a potential threat to life.

Power outages have affected thousands of individuals as Storm Isha disrupted both the electricity and transportation networks throughout the United Kingdom.

Dublin airport, in particular, has borne the brunt of Storm Isha, with airlines taking precautionary measures by canceling 102 flights on a single day. The storm’s forecast indicated its persistence throughout the day, prompting the airport operator to make this decision.

Additionally, Dublin Airport reported 24 aborted landings and 27 flights opting to divert to alternative airports due to the adverse weather conditions.

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