Scottish Island is up for sale at $186,000

 An uninhabited Scottish island is up for sale at 150,000 British Pounds, or just over $186,000, but it won’t be easy to build your dream home there.

Barlocco Island off the coast of Scotland is considered a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), which will make any kind of construction exceedingly difficult under standing regulations, CBS News reported. It said it is also difficult to get there.

Barlocco Island was listed for sale on Thursday, and while sizable at 25 acres, it is only reachable “by boat or at low tide on foot or by tractor or quad bike,” according real estate firm Galbraith Group, which have linked the tide timetables to the listing so that potential owners can plan a viewing.

“There’s still a very romantic sentiment attached to owning your very own Scottish private island,” Aaron Edgar of Galbraith Group, the agent handling the sale, said in a statement to Mint, which said the island’s sale price equals that of a BMW.

Edgar said on the island, “you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some peace and tranquility in the most beautiful scenery around.”

Mint said although the island spans about 25 acres, “with verdant grass and rugged formations that extend all the way to the sea, there are no structures on it,” only a reservoir that serves as a water source for livestock and wildlife during the winter season. However, there is no electricity.

The closest town is approximately six miles (10 kilometers) away, and the nearest train station, Dumfries, is an hour’s bus ride away from the town. London and Edinburgh are over 350 miles (563 kms) and 100 miles (161 kms) away, respectively, according to Mint.

“During low tide, access to the island is possible by walking, riding a tractor, or using a quadbike,” it said. “However, during other times, there is a pebble beach that can be utilized to anchor boats.”

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