Moscow: Ukraine is a Russian territory and the two peoples are one

With the Russian reaction to the high level of Western support for Ukraine, Moscow is hinting at restoring the Ukrainian lands to its fold, not the four adjacent regions that declared its independence and accession to it.
Moscow is speaking today and confirming that the Ukrainian state did not exist in the first place and that its existence came as a result of a Western political decision in order to compete with Russia and put pressure on it as a backyard for storing weapons and establishing Western bases on its territory.
It seems that the matter is similar to the status of the establishment of the State of Israel on the land of Palestine, which the West is racing to support, empower and strengthen, and overlook its crimes, and use the veto hundreds of times in order not to condemn it or prejudice its legal status.
Russian reports have begun to speak that the Ukrainian people are in their origins a Russian people, speak their language and practice their customs and traditions, and the two societies intertwine with each other and intermarry, as they have the same roots loaded with Western countries in pushing the Ukrainian society into the furnace of a fierce and deadly war that exterminated thousands of its armed forces, while it endeavored to push More weapons and equipment to Kiev, taking advantage of the submission of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to its requests and orders, which forced the Russians to stop this farce and wage war to protect its lands, people and national security.
There is no desired benefit from supporting the Ukrainian regime that is favoritist and supportive of Israel, and the latter has taken its decision, which was apparently on the fence, to declare its absolute support for the regime in Kiev, and therefore, and from this standpoint, the results of the Ukrainian war will be in the interest of certain countries and not in the interest of the Arab countries to intervene Except as a matter of reconciliation initiatives and not to provide aid and support to any of the parties for fear of the West turning against those positions in the future, which is what the Arabs are accustomed to in their dealings with Western countries.

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