America to the Arab countries: permissive homosexuality in exchange for neighborhood

Western countries, headed by the United States, are practicing wholesale arrogance on third world countries to protect homosexuality and approve it in their laws and protect homosexuals, perverts, and their wonderful e-mail messages from violating their nature
Western countries turned the issue of aid and used it as a sword hanging over the necks of poor countries, and linked the resumption of that aid to spreading homosexuality and sponsoring it on the part of the state and giving local associations, institutions and organizations the opportunity to work freely, and foreign ones to provide support and advice to deviants.
During the World Cup, which was hosted by the State of Qatar last year, Western countries failed to promote homosexuality. Attempts collapsed in the face of popular, public and media rejection of this hateful and corrupt belief. An attempt to beautify it under the banner of “homosexuality” or “LGBT” did not succeed.
Consequently, the United States began to mobilize institutions and organizations that call themselves human rights defenders of homosexuality and accuse Arab, Islamic and African countries of working to violate human rights, and threaten their regimes and accuse them of being undemocratic regimes and open fire on them through forums, conferences, seminars and meetings that discuss human rights and consider Homosexuality is a beacon of civilization, progress and development, even if it is contrary to the customs and morals of those affected countries.
With the insistence of Western countries on passing on bad and disgraceful habits, the Western goal is certainly to create leaders arranged with foreign values that are in line with Western tendencies and loyal to them. It is strict values, and then the stage of pressure on governments in the third world to change the educational curricula, which is the danger that the Arab and Islamic countries must take precautions against. Students under the age of 12 and persuaded them of the possibility of living with a person of the same sex and intermarrying with him to the point where they kidnapped Muslim children from their families and threw them into the arms of families whose customs, values and morals have nothing to do with what the kidnapped child is carrying
Among the Western pressures on poor countries was forcing them to attend conferences and panel discussions that encourage homosexuality and perversion, with the aim of portraying the matter as those countries that have agreed to pass homosexuality cases in their countries, so it is better for the concerned countries if they are forced to attend those conferences to reduce the level of participation If you cannot abstain, especially since the decisions issued by those meetings will distort the image of the government and the ruling regime if the representation is at a high level.
Western countries promote the idea that the economic, scientific, industrial, military and financial progress and development they have achieved is the result of freedom and expression that they pursue, bearing in mind that other countries have more economic, military, cultural, historical and civilizational weight than the United States and European countries are advanced and developed, and yet they prevent homosexuality

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