The NATO is the greatest danger to the Arab region.

The United States and its Western followers do not pay attention to the interests of the Middle East and its friends in the region. Their blind support for Israeli forces and their provision of intelligence, military, and political support to the Israeli crimes in Gaza are clear evidence of their disregard for the positions of Arab and Islamic countries.

Through this arrogant support, the United States has officially declared its support for Israeli crimes and the genocide war unprecedented in history in the Gaza Strip, ignoring its slogans about freedom, human rights, the right to life, education, and living standards. These slogans are used in front of third world countries to overthrow regimes and governments based on alleged violations committed by those countries.

The few interventions and calls to end the war and stop the killing are not driven by America’s desire to uphold the principles it claims to believe in, but rather to solidify its hegemony and its global system, which began to collapse since the defeat of its ally, President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv.

Washington found that its actions have exceeded the boundaries of humanitarian laws, especially in the face of the million-man protests sweeping the streets of Europe and even America itself on a daily basis. Therefore, it hastened to include NATO in its operations list, hoping it would share the blame and help shake off the global blame. At a time when Washington’s image has become extremely negative and black.

Future interventions will likely be under the banner of NATO, according to indicators suggesting an American attempt to absolve itself of the humanitarian disaster and Israeli crimes in Gaza. The possibility of expanding the war remains, even if the battle in the region ends. When NATO, backed by Washington, seeks to consolidate its unipolarity in the world, the Arab world stands alert, waiting for the dust of the Gaza battle to settle.

There are temptations in the Middle East that still make the West salivate, foremost among them being oil wealth, followed by renewable energy and the vast desert, which will be a treasure trove for solar energy production. The West suddenly found itself strategically dependent and unable to dispense with Arab wealth and Russian gas. Its only fallen option is to reconcile with Iran, but America rejects this option and prefers to turn to the riches beneath Arab soil.

The recent Arab liberation from the Gulf states and their relative emergence from under the American umbrella through agreements with Russia and China anger Washington, which refuses to accept Arab decision-making independence. Arabs possess 30 percent of the world’s oil reserves, not to mention gas reserves, which are beginning to emerge from the Mediterranean Sea, with the largest share bursting from wells off the coasts of Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, and Egypt.

Therefore, it will once again try to dominate and control Arab countries and rethink its calculations regarding withdrawal from the region and returning to reshape its relations with Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Kuwait.

What is currently required from Arab and Islamic countries, represented by the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, is to stand firm and think about thwarting these Western attempts to enter and control Arab wealth under the pretext of their presence in the temporary port of Gaza or the Red Sea to confront the Houthi forces in Yemen and protect global trade.

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