The internal conflicts threaten the collapse of America.

Although talk of American states seceding from the nation has recurred several times in recent years, the discussion of Texas seceding and gaining independence comes at a challenging economic, political, and social time, ringing alarm bells for the disintegration of this great power.

When President Joe Biden came into office, he stated that one of his goals is to restore unity among Americans, alluding to the division in the country. It’s no secret that the United States is currently experiencing a state of political, partisan, economic, and social division, the most perilous phase since the end of the American Civil War in 1866, during which about 700,000 American citizens were killed. This occurred when Southern states attempted to control their borders away from the federal government following the election of President Abraham Lincoln.

Analysts affirm that what happened nearly 158 years ago is recurring today, but with even greater force and steadfastness, with a series of events that could upheave and dismantle the United States. One such example is the declaration by Colorado, refusing to allow former President Donald Trump to hold presidential elections within its territory. The Republican Secretary of State of Colorado, Jenna Griswold, also threatened to prevent President Joe Biden from participating in the elections. This demonstrates how partisanship, rather than nationalism and the public interest, dominates many events.

According to a report by a UAE Gulf newspaper, some states openly promote their calls for independence, especially those on the West Coast like California, which harbors several political movements advocating for secession. This is amid what has been described as a “political void” among the country’s elites, as well as a lack of consensus or common ground between Republicans and Democrats.

Furthermore, the report states a “decline in federal values,” meaning the absence of the unity that once bound Americans together, reminiscent of the era of the founding fathers. Nationalistic sentiments have spread across states, as seen recently in Texas, which barred federal border agents from accessing the Mexican border amid disputes over immigration, a scenario not seen in nearly 150 years.

There are currently simmering separatist sentiments since the 2016 elections, in which Trump won, prompting states to seek independence from Washington. This threatens the unity of the world’s most powerful state, which includes militias, organized systems, and laws established before independence, providing legitimacy for state protection. However, these states hold a dangerous weapon controlled by extremist minds, alongside personal firearms, with a rate of 120 rifles per 100 American citizens, making it the highest rate of personal firearm ownership in the world.

Thus, beneath the surface in America lies chaos and fire threatening its unity. Once ignited, it could echo widely and potentially lead to the disintegration of the United States. While the Soviet Union, weakened in strength and territory, disintegrated into states, the collapse of communism replaced the competing pole with the United States, which still dominates global affairs, albeit with oppressive influence driven by its interests. Nonetheless, its collapse, fragmentation, or weakening could lead the world into the unknown, emphasizing the necessity for the United States to acknowledge its weakness and the solid ground for its disintegration, amidst conflicts and a fragile, diverse, and conflicting society. Given its failure to resolve gang conflicts, rival parties, and corporations trampling on values and ethics for profit alone, it has become essential to cease arrogance and make way for those stronger than the United States in the world to rise among the multiple poles.

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